Saturday, 2 May 2015

Review: Evasion



Well, I just done did my reading on this awesome novel and of course this novel was published under Terfaktab squad. Purchased it ages ago but just had the opportunity to do some reading on it few days ago. Busy doe kalah menteri. But seriously student's life is not a joke, it is chaotic as usual when you are trying  to catch up or done everything in a short notice and it will be more worse when it is the submission week. I'm glad that I survived so far (padahal berlambak lagi project yang kejar belakang kau). Pheww..

Okay back on the main topic. Evasion was written by Farah K who is quit in fame when it comes to Terfaktab's novelist. It about a teenager's life named Aria. Aria been trapped inside the walls of what she calls the house of hell over ten years and all she's ever wanted was to escape. This is because after her parents passed away, she stays with her aunt who treating her like a slave. She did tried to escape however she always gets caught. One day, she did managed to escape from the house of hell. Due to her disappearance, her aunt hired a private detective to look for her. So, her new journey of life begins when she met Alex, the detective hired by her aunt, and out of blue she makes a deal with him instead of running away. Are you curious on what kind of deal she made with Alex? Go grab this novel at the nearest bookstore (if still available) because the 'wow effect' of the story started after she meeting Alex.

To be frank, it is one of the best English novel I ever read. The plot of the story is well delivered. Farah K managed to catch your attention and you wont lets the novel go till you done reading it. For those who are feel threaten by English, don't worry the content is understandable and the level of word choices are not too high. Thumb up to Farah K because managed to amaze the reader with your piece of work.

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