Friday, 1 May 2015

Past, Rainbow & Unicorn

Past is a Pandora box,
something that must not be remember,
something that must not be opened,
something that must not be seen.
Tacenda! Full with mystery.

Dear past,
just live crumpled up like you don't exist.
Past is like an idiot
who doesn't know how to do anything
besides hiding, avoiding and running away. 

Dear rainbow and unicorn,
please show your  true colour.
Rainbow and unicorn beautify the midst.
Rainbow and unicorn,
please stay and shine the earth always.

Once again,
Past shows it charms
and chase away both rainbow and unicorn.
Pathetic life cycle!

Note: I submitted this so called melancholic poetry ( or shall I address it as poem?) to Englishjer's HundredHundred Project. I hope it reflects the implicit meaning and the reader can guess what it all about. By the way I'm not really good or expert when it comes to literature. Hope you guys enjoy it and please jangan muntah hijau.

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