Friday, 1 May 2015


A reminder from past events. Mementos carries a deep significant to someone in future, the past events which affected everything especially ones life cycle and friendship.

Mementos. A magic word, a Pandora box that save tons of memories as well as secrets. Mementos is about two friends who grew up together. They shared every single details about their life, no secret between best friend, they proclaimed. Everything was fine before one day, their friendship wrecked like a Titanic. One of them becomes popular, the other isn't. Poor little earthling.

Friendship drifts apart. Life goal changes. The scenery changes. Their world upside down. What's left on their friendship exits only in memory. Memories now precious. Where is the Pandora box? They keep searching, hoping for a miracle, hoping that everything just fine like before. Their hopes scattered in the atmosphere and disappear.

And so they move on, to another metamorphose process. 

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