Sunday, 10 May 2015

Blurry Memories

3 years. During that period there are lots of things happened and changing me into a person. There were circumstances that I had to deal with as well as sweet memories that I cherish the most. Sweet as cotton candy. And during that period, you are not with me. You are not beside me to hear all the craps, to endure my wild thoughts, to lend me your shoulder when I really need it. You are far away from me.
And yet today, I keep thinking of you. I miss you. So I turned around again. I think of you as I stop in place. When I held out my hand and I hug you tight. Silly me, I was dreaming and it hurt. I still remember that you asked me why do we need right to love? I said I don’t even know, perhaps it’s the human nature. You claimed that it’s ok to love someone. That ticking bomb even if we don’t know when it would explode, don’t be scared in advanced.
“No matter what happened, I won’t let you be alone even when you are hurt.”
And yet you did walked away and said farewell. Why? Oh, now I know, it was a part of life plans to me to grow stronger and not to misbehave like a child or be such a bitch.
I try erasing but I can’t erase you. You have become everything to me. You. I can’t see you and I can’t even touch you now but I am okay, I am alright. Even if goodbyes are sad but I know you are happy now.
The more I erase you the more I will miss you. I will shed no more tears than today. Like fate, I won’t ever have anyone like you. Only you. I always love you as much as my tears. Rest well. Goodbye my supermum.

p/s: Happy Mother’s Day (=

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